French phygitale * agency specializing in immersive technologies, HOFY mainly aims its creations in the fields of leisure, hotels and restaurants, events and retail (shopping centers).

Our head office is based in Paris, with three commercial and technical branches in Arcueil, Saint-Etienne and Pau.

Hofy designs innovative animations: See anime.

Escape game, animation games, interactive trampoline, connected climbing wall, immersive dining room ..., we rely on technologies such as video projections (mapping), holograms, virtual reality, augmented reality, and laser projection to make your establishment a place of wonder and magic.

With a multidisciplinary team, HOFY creates structures and tailor-made events to promote your brand, boost your event or even bring your spaces to life.

We also support you in the creation or restructuring of your brand: branding, creation of websites and platforms, ...

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 *phygital : meeting of the physical world and digital technologies to improve your marketing and digital strategy.

Why Hofy?

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Technologies adapted to your needs

Interactive mapping

  • Interactive showcases

An interactive projection gives the prospect the ability to interact with the video content itself through a variety of tools. Visitors / players can walk, run, open arms, slide, scroll, hover, perform multiple movements and gestures to achieve a result. Read more…

  • Interactive games

    Playing is one of the few things you will love to do throughout your life.
    Since digital is more and more present in our daily lives, from an early age, we have imagined fun activities combining physical movements and digital projections: the Phygital was born! Read more
  • Ephemeral or permanent exhibitions

    Hoteliers, restaurateurs, museums, it's time to offer new experiences to your customers. Immersion, interactions, emotions are the vectors that you can now convey. Enter a new world and reinvent your craft to capture attention. Read more

Video mapping, let's talk about it!

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality made its appearance more than 50 years ago. Previously reserved for the Army, the industry and leisure sectors quickly took hold of it, seeing the value of such a technology.
Our developers, experts in the field, carry out tailor-made or catalog projects according to your needs.

  • Free-roaming games

    Being able to move around freely without being compartmentalized in boxes, that's what free roaming is all about. You wear stand-alone wireless headsets or with a computer on your back (backpack). 50, 100, 200, 500 m², the limit does not exist!

    Our exclusive creations:
    • The Secret of the Templars: Escape Game VR
    • Versus: Laser Game VR
    • Death mansion: Laser Game VR
    • Toys Uprising: VR Shooter
  • VR professional training

    Imagine being able to put out a fire without taking a single risk, learning restaurant service without confronting customers first ...
    All this is now possible thanks to e-training.
    For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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Augmented reality

As its name suggests, it takes as its starting point the reality on which other elements will be grafted to "increase" or enrich it. In more precise terms, AR makes it possible to integrate virtual elements in 3D, in a real space. It therefore combines, in real time, these two elements in an extremely realistic way. The user can very easily project himself, as the reality thus created can seem real to him. Read more / See video

  • AR mobile apps

Augmented reality is transforming the way you work, learn, play, shop, and interact with the world around you. It's the best way to see things that you wouldn't be able to see otherwise. Or hardly. Test for yourself!

  • Augmented reality game

Equipped with special glasses or simply a compatible smartphone or tablet, add a parallel universe to your real world. Escape games, treasure hunts, role-playing games, the possibilities with AR are endless.

We design your own game or provide you with access to our gaming platform.

  • Communicate with AR

Whether it is to increase your sales, boost your mobile application, make your point of sale attractive, augmented reality is a recent and particularly effective technology.

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  • Website creation & e-commerce

Your business needs to go digital. Today, traditional sales no longer have a 100% place in our consumers' idea of ​​the shopping experience. Digitization allows faster sales, easy contact between your contact person and your sales team.
A presence on the Internet is no longer recommended, it has become essential!

  1. Showcase sites:,
  2. E-commerce sites:,
  3. Marketplace:
  4. Mobile applications: Yatu (used for international design biennial.)


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Communication tools

The 3D animations of the objects or logos that we model are made to appeal to your users and offer them a magical moment. We want potential leads to stop by to discover your brand and ask questions if they can't consume right away. It is also one of our best solutions to attract from afar and make people smile.

We have at your disposal many technologies including Holograms, laser projectors and led cubes.

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  • Turnkey projects

    We imagine your project, we work with dedicated software (Sketchup, Autocad ...) and with a team of professionals (Architects, carpenters, artists, plasterers, electricians, electro-technicians ...)

  • Electronics and programming

    We design tailor-made mechanisms dedicated to your activity (escape game, laser game, etc.).

  • Sensitive material 

    Haptic feedback vest, haptic gloves, vibrating ground, etc.

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The team


Joël Richard MBONDI

Joël is an expert in content creation and web strategy (he teaches at the University of Saint-Etienne on this topic). After having cut his teeth with the Fnac, developed E-commerce solutions for convenience stores using technology Ibeacon and society Eludice, 1st escape game creator in France, Joël flew on his own to focus on new technologies adapted to events and web strategy.
+33 603 788 120

President and CEO


Pascal is a visionary and a manager. Passed by the world of sport (ski instructor), catering and leisure (Operator of first indoor park in the world dedicated to the Smurfs in Bayonne - 64), Pascal coordinates the projects and the smooth running of the company with his 3 partners.
+33 682 084 481


Alexandre MAO

Alexandre, is an XR pioneer and master of computer vision technologies. Developer of virtual reality experiences and low-level programs for high-performance distributed systems, he was selected by Oculus from Facebook , in one of their program for promising XR developers.



Jules is an expert in hardware technologies. Unity experience developer / IOT developer (embedded software, gateway, network protocol) / Electronic circuit designer. Winner of inventor of the year competition (2012). His expertise is recognized wherever he has gone. He has already delivered more than 30 Mixed Reality projects and launched more than twenty designs into production for international projects.